patrick zepeda

Patrick Zepeda

Dry Carpet Cleaner, Residential & Commercial
PCH Dry Carpet Cleaning

Patrick Zepeda helps you breathe and live better in your home with cleaner carpets, rugs & furniture.

How I Can Help You

A Home should be a place of refuge and relaxation. A clean home provides an even greater experience of these feelings. I strive to deliver the Cleanest Carpets possible to brighten up your homes interior and give you Peace of Mind while you enjoy your living space.

Three years were devoted into developing the process and products that are superior to standard extraction carpet cleaning. This became PCH Dry Carpet Cleaning in 2017

We achieve this through our Exclusive 3-Step Cleaning Process.

Using a Proprietary Blend of Green Safe cleaning products provides the best results using 90% less water! This ensures a FAST DRYING TIME. Our Green Safe Solutions are Plant, Pet, and People friendly. Plus, they smell amazing. An Eco-conscious approach to deep cleaning carpets and hard flooring sets PCH Dry Carpet Cleaning apart.

All clients are given a Not To Exceed (NTE) Estimate that contributes to the peace of mind when using our services.

No Surprise upcharges – My quote is My price, period.

Best of All – Carpets are DRY IN about 1 HOUR!

My Satisfaction Guarantee… If the stains come back, so will I!

Areas of Expertise

  • Carpet cleaning
  • Furniture cleaning
  • Green carpet cleaning

Industry Experience

  • 6+ Years helping home owners live and breather cleaner

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