David West

David West

Solar Energy
KOTA Solar

David West helps you save money and the planet with solar power, one rooftop at a time.

How I Can Help You​

I’ve been working in the solar industry for over 3 years and I absolutely love it! I’m a surfer, skier, skydiver, climber, and overall a big outdoor enthusiast. After graduating from UCLA (go brus!) and becoming an engineer in the oil & gas industry I quickly found that helping homeowners save money on their electricity bill while also making an environmental difference is incredibly more fulfilling. As electric rates continue increasing and California needs to continue the shift towards renewable energy, getting power from the sun like photosynthesis for the home is cheaper and more fun!

KOTA Solar is a national solar installer with our headquarters here in Carlsbad and we primarily aim to help own their power (usually for $0 down) instead of rent it from a utility. We pride ourselves on our core values: Become a Better Person. Create A Better Environment. Give A Better Customer Experience.

I can’t wait to help you gain clarity about what going green looks like for you and discover how KOTA can help you create a better environment (and put more money in your back pocket!).

Areas of Expertise

  • Solar
  • PV
  • Battery system
  • SDGE Electricity plans

Industry Experience

  • 3+ Years helping home owners save mone

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